Canine Body Language


I’m a Licensed Canine Body Language Instructor with the Dog Training College,  I will be offering local workshops and teaching their popular ‘Understanding Canine Body Language’ to

Dog Owners/Dog Walkers/Pet Service Providers/Veterinarian Staff/Pet Shop Assistants and anyone who would enjoy gaining more knowledge in the Dog World.

Do you want to know more about how your dog communicates with you and its peers? please contact me for more information.


This CPD Accredited, four-hour workshop presented by a qualified Dog Training College instructor, we will explore the fascinating world of canine body language.
- How dogs communicate.

- Why dogs do what they do.
- How to change your behaviour to help change a dogs behaviour.
- The good, the bad and everything in between.
- Recognising and assessing canine body language.
- Understanding Play
- Detailed Video Analysis.
- Q&A
This workshop is aimed at Pet Dog Owners but is suitable for Pet Professionals.
In addition to the course, we want to give you some extra stuff for FREE.
Bonus #1
Access to the DTC community Facebook group
Bonus #2
Certificate of Attendance
Bonus #3
A DTC badge to say that you have completed the course - If you are a canine professional you can use it on your marketing, facebook page and website.
Bonus #4
Full Colour 84 page Digital Manual
Refreshments provided: Hot drinks (tea & coffee) snacks (cake, fruit, yogurt, crisps.

Terms & conditions

Bookings are non-refundable. Please ensure the date is suitable for you at time of booking as dates can’t be exchanged without good reason. Consideration will be made for date exchange if validated by a doctor’s letter only.

Recall, Loose Lead & Socialisation Workshops 

In Safe Hands are now offering workshops from 2021

We will be covering 



Learning recall is so important- join In Safe Hands workshop where we will give you positive training advice and plenty of tools to help you when teaching your dog/s to recall. Keeping you and your dog safe in all environments is so vital, with this training workshop we will give you plenty of advice during and after your workshop to help you with your confidence when out walking your dog/s. Whats the best way to improve your dogs recall? Attend our workshop and find out more. Its all about being fun and enjoying your days out with your dog/s



In our workshop we will be teaching your dog to walk nicely by your side without the need for them to pull. This is such a good exercise to follow and your dog walks will be so much more enjoyable for the both of you. Having your dogs full attention while walking loose lead by your side and being more relaxed will improve your daily walks. No more PULLING. All our training is force free, using only science based positive reinforcement training, no aversive tools or training methods, we prefer to train you with the use of a strong lead and dog harness, please note-no slip leads will be used at any of our course's or workshops .




Socialisation class for puppies and older dogs. Due to the demand of our previous socialisation classes, we have now put up new dates. These workshop are for all abilities be it young or older dogs, we would prefer your dogs to have had some form of basic training however this is not essential . If you would like to book on these socialisation workshops please message us to find out more information .We will have lots of super activities set up for your dogs and each dog will be able to interact with supervision for short periods of time. Please note this session is not suitable for anxious or nervous dogs, but if we can help with your dog in this area prior to workshop please contact us. 

Class Fun

Age appropraite agility equipment will be set up for each workshop. 

We will also work on scent work and balance boards.

Please Note

Enclosed Indoor Agility Venue For Winter Months

Enclosed Outdoor Arena for Spring/Summer Months