Puppy Training

6 week Puppy Training Classes



In Safe Hands are offering indoor and outdoor 6 week- puppy classes, locations vary but all are based in Bracknell. 

Come and join in on our very popular 6 weeks introductory group class which will focus on socialisation and is design to teach your puppy all the basic such as sitting, walking on a loose lead, come when called, and more. These puppy training classes also covers problem solving ideas for house breaking, jumping up at people, chewing and more.

We want to leave you with tips and information so you can continue the training away from the training ground. We will work through various skills to have your puppy walking nicely, coming back when called and behaving beautifully.

Three French Bullgod Puppies

 Puppy Training Classes

Our 6 week classes will cover all basic puppy training including socialisation & desensitisation.

  • Eye Focus-Look at Me 

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Sit, Wait and Return

  • Recall with Distractions 

  • Leave & Hand Touch 

  • Desensitisation & Socialisation 

  • Diet & Exercise

  • Grooming & Health 

Total cost-£120

Improvers Classes

4 Week Improver Course 

This 4 week improver course is a follow on from your 6 week basic puppy training,  you and your dog will learn to proof and strengthen behaviours and training learnt in your previous puppy course.

These are the skills your dog requires to become a well mannered dog in public places.

Our 4 week classes will cover

  • Impulse Control

  • Proof behaviours as of Wait & Leave 

  • Heel Work

  • Retrieve & Drop

  • Emergency Stop 

  • Calming Mat-Settle 

  • Recall with Distractions 

Total Cost- £90

Foundation Classes 

4 Week Foundation Course

This foundation course is designed to suit all ages of dogs, we will adapt each dogs training needs throughout this 4 week course, this is a mixed ability course and is especially focused on young adolescent dogs whom have missed out on basic puppy training skills. Your dog will explore exercises and training techniques that will help them with day to day experiences

Please note this course is not for reactive or nervous dogs,

We can in these cases offer 1-2-1 or recommend a behaviourist if I feel you and your dog will benefit more.

Our 4 week classes will cover 

  • Focus around Distractions 

  • Impulse Control 

  • Settle & Calm

  • Recall 

  • Loose Lead Walking

  • Handling Grooming Skills  

Total cost-£90

Three Shelties