*Book Launch* The Puppy Program-Unleashed

Welcome to The Puppy Program - Unleashed!

This is a our new Puppy Book which launches today, this book has so much information for new puppy owners, and what's even more exciting all dog owners will benefit from reading our book too, each section has useful information that can easily be found on the contents page.

We have decided to support our local business's and charities by using a local printing company and every book we sell we will be donating a £1.00 to a local dog/animal rescue once decided we will announce the animal rescue information.

In Safe Hands Pet Services & Training, Sniffalicious Pet Services and Dolly’s Delights Pet Gear have teamed up to bring you The Puppy Program - Unleashed!

Our new book boasts a wider breadth of information than other popular puppy books on the market, and uses only the most scientifically up to date, modern training methods, as well as most up to date legalities of the dog world. We use only positive reinforcement based, force free methods throughout the book, and lots of top tips on common problems owners face.

We are delighted to combine, and share our knowledge with you, and hope that lots of you new puppy owners, and owners of older dogs in training too, will gain a lot of information, and help you understand your dog better in the process!

Printed locally in Bracknell by Advantage Printroom and written by three local professionals that's myself, Naomi and Bethany we have launched this book to those in and around the Berkshire area, with views to selling further out in the future!

Please don't hesitate to contact us using the email address linked below on this page, and we will reply as soon as we are available to do so! All purchase inquiries are welcome by messaging to our email account.

Email is-

Purchase price

Paperback A5 -£15


Contents in our book cover: How Puppies Learn Puppy Development Stages Prevention and Management Training Ethics Equipment Welcome Home Toilet Training Chewing & Mouthing Handling Crate Training Separation Training Finding the Right Trainer for You Clicker Training Enrichment Using Breed Traits Manners at Home Food Manners Waiting for and Taking Food Jumping up Greeting Guests Diet & Behaviour Types of Feeding Reading Food Labels What to Avoid Socialisation Unwanted Reactions & How to Deal with Them Noises Dogs & People Other Animals New Experiences Appropriate Social Interaction Further Information The Law Animal Welfare Identification Dog Fouling Dogs on Leads Control of Dogs Dogs & Livestock Dogs in Pubs, Restaurants and Cafés Dogs and Roads Lost and Found or Stray Dogs Illegal Types of Dogs

Keep an eye out for further literature in the series in the future!

Happy training! Louise, Naomi and Beth x

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