1-2-1 Dog & Puppy Training

I offer this service to people who feel their dogs need help with basic dog training and behavioural issues.

Sometimes this is a better option for people who cannot commit to weekly classes or feel there dog would benefit from 1-2-1 training sessions instead.

1-2-1 training can be specifically tailored to your needs.

You will need to book an initial consultation which lasts an 1hr 30mins, I then can put a training plan in place focusing on you and your dogs needs.

Whether thats teaching your dog


Loose lead




Anxious/Reactive on Lead



*The Effects of Separation Anxiety in Dogs*


Why do Dogs Struggle?

Dogs miss being with the people they are most attached too, that's us their owners, they become upset and very distressed when we leave them-over a long period of time it can cause psychological and physical damage to your dogs, it can also shorten their life span.

Signs of Separation Anxiety


* Self Injury/Barking/Howling

* Destruction of Household Items including their own personal items.

* Urinating & Defecating in the home/

* Excessive chewing of items near exits/doorways

* Digging/Scratching













Covid 19 Update

At present I am only able to offer 1-2-1 Online Consultations and Outdoor Sessions, alongside, all safety guideline have been put in place as recommended by the PIF.

(Pet Industry Federation)  

Covid19 Declaration Forms and Safety Protocols will be emailed to all clients who book for 1-2-1 Training.

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